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Communicating Matters is a reliable company that has been providing professionals in Fort Wayne, Indiana with outstanding communication skills courses. Our team has extensive experience in the communication field, and we work hard to share our skills and knowledge with our clients through quality classes.

Everything DiSC Assessment and Training

Completing this program can help you create greater self-awareness about your personal behaviors and actions that influence communication in the workplace. You will be able to develop strategies for improving your own social skills based on challenges within your DiSC style. This exercise will also guide you in accommodating the communication preferences of others with differing approaches.

Details of This Workshop

Our DiSC training is a great way to start working with us and includes the official assessment instrument and coaching from a certified trainer. We also have an introductory offer.

Speak UP Training Program

This premier training program helps professionals confidently critique and promote ideas by applying Speak UP strategies that will increase influence.

Our combination of training with coaching ensures each client knows how and when to use each Speak UP strategy to achieve their desired goals. Speak UP training builds on steps that lead to mindful and skillful communication in any context. 

 We will teach you skills and frameworks that will make you stand out and help you move forward in your career.

The Seven Stages in This Course

Each step includes frameworks and practice for mastering the goal.

  • Step 1: Increase awareness of personal engagement and level of influence.

  • Step 2: Gain strategies for active listening and responding.

  • Step 3: Gather tactics for making messages audience-focused and persuasive.

  • Step 4: Study frameworks for organizing and presenting concepts.

  • Step 5: Learn techniques for challenging ideas.

  • Step 6: Discover ways to support the proposals of others and gain support for your suggestions.

  • Step 7: Understand strategies for promoting your work and concepts.

Workshop Inclusions

Corporate workshops are interactive, in-person or virtual training, and can be customized for your organizational needs. We provide instruction participants need to understand why strategies work, opportunities to practice strategies, and supportive feedback needed to make changes stick. Participants can expect the following: self-assessments, step-by-step instructions from a qualified trainer, drills for skill-work, goal-setting guides, and feedback that measures success.

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  • Public or In-House Workshop

  • Peer group learning 



1:1 Coaching Elevating any habit requires a process of assessment, feedback, and practice. You need a good coach to guide you. In my 1:1 coaching, I help clients develop communication habits they can use in any setting to be more influential. 

Group Coaching When changing a habit, we need expert instruction and feedback. Peer groups offer perspectives and feedback we need to make the habit stick. When several groups in the same organization follow speak UP strategies, everyone benefits.

Executive Coaching Leadership relies on high level communication to facilitate change. Executives who succeed know when a communication strategy is needed and serve as the example for what is needed. 


Building a Strong Corporate Culture is intentional and relies on input from multiple people within the organization. It also requires a thoughtful, strategic plan.

I will guide you in developing a strong communication plan that builds a mission-aligned culture.

Developing a Communication Plan for Change requires multiple communication strategies and channels.

I will help you assess readiness for change and develop a communication plan for each area of change.

    • How to create the Power of Influence in yourself and others

    • Building a coalition: Lessons from women in the late 1800s who penetrated cultural barriers and created a movement with global impact

    • Communication that Nurtures Psychological Safety and Drives Innovation

    • 7 Steps to Speaking UP

    • Changing culture through communication

    • Why teams that challenge ideas make better decisions 

    • Nonverbals that speak volumes

    • Creating a culture for new hires who want to stay 


Why Take Our Course

We will guide you in practicing emotional self-awareness so that you can increase your influence, engage with purpose, and fine-tune your interpersonal skills. You can count on our experienced trainers to support you in gaining a higher level of confidence and finding the voice to lead. 

Corporate workshops provide opportunities for groups to learn and implement Speak UP strategies foundational for effective communication in meetings and other contexts. Employees who speak up and get their ideas noticed are more likely to be engaged, satisfied, and stay with the company.

Our courses may also help organizational leaders discover opportunities for better alignment of communication processes that support a strong corporate culture.

We Are Here to Help

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