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Conquer Communication

Raise Your Level of Influence

Helping professionals improve Communication


Want your good ideas to be noticed?

Learn consistent habits that will help you gain support for your ideas.


Struggle with presenting ideas in meetings?

Practice organizing and presenting ideas that gain attention.


Need to create a better company culture?

Build your corporate culture with communication that builds trust and co-operation.


About Us

We have helped professionals and organizations

improve communication habits so that organizational members at every level consistently promote or challenge ideas. These strategic processes lead to authentic discussions, better decisions, and have eliminated wasted time in meetings. When team members apply our Speak UP methods, others follow their example, and influence soars.

Our Communicating Matters team has extensive speaking and training experience. Our founder and CEO earned her MA and PhD in the area of Organizational Communication and has been training university students and corporate clients for 15+ years.

We combine wisdom gained from great orators of the past with practices that fit present-day contexts to equip our clients with the skill and confidence they need to succeed. We work hard to share our outstanding communication skills training with our clients through quality programs.

Your time is valuable. When you contact us, you will speak directly with our CEO who will help you determine the type of program you need to reach your goals.

People We Have Helped



I was able to advance in my career by practicing the Speak UP methods I learned in the training. I also saw a dramatic change in my presentation skills because of the specific feedback I received on my presentations. 

V.L.- 6/1/2019


Engineers and Accountants

I learned strategies for telling stories about data so decision-makers at every level would understand and remember. The framework for stories was easy to implement and made me look like a professional speaker.

D.J.- 5/1/2019


First Responders

In the training, I became aware of the need for being generous with praise and interacting more frequently with my team. These practices helped build a more cohesive team culture.

E.J.- 9/1/2005

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Master Key Skills

Focus on the communication strengths you want to build first. We keep it simple by focusing on five speaking activities that will give you the most impact and build from there.  Learn more about our training and coaching.

Speak with confidence

Our steps are easy to follow and ensure you will speak with confidence and get your good ideas noticed. Others will notice a difference too. Whether you are the CEO, a team member, entrepreneur, or politician, stellar speaking and listening skills will help you increase your influence more than any other type of training. Learn more about our training and coaching.


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Every lesson prompts you to take action that moves you forward. Even a small action creates momentum that can help you get to the next step.

You need feedback from multiple sources to make improvements. Our training prompts you to build a network of individuals who will offer honest feedback.

Learning happens in small steps and leads to steady, measurable results.

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