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For more than 15 years, Communicating Matters has been helping clients in the United States and other countries elevate their communication, develop leaders, and change culture. As founder and CEO of Communicating Matters, I draw from broad experiences in the field. You can count on me to understand what you need and provide quality solutions.

As a communication coach and trainer, I help professionals in leadership roles develop high level strategies that influence a variety of stakeholders and leverage communication to increase engagement. As a consultant, I help organizational leaders assess overall communication and develop a strategic plan for building a strong, mission-aligned culture.

I have worked with clients from Fortune 500 companies such as Marathon Petroleum Company, local government agencies such as first responders, political candidates, and leaders of nonprofit organizations on areas such as leadership development, polished presentations, and recruiting and retaining clients or volunteers.

A Comprehensive and Efficient Program

My coaching and training programs help professionals engage their voice in ways that matter. We all want to have influence. Employing key communication strategies consistently can help you increase your level quickly. When you use these strategies, you will be recognized for your expertise and gain support for the initiatives you seek.

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